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Kitchen with Marble Island, Yoders Amish, Batavia, IL

Get the dream Custom Kitchen
you've always wanted with 

factory direct Amish cabinets,
handcrafted in Amish country.

Beautiful Amish Custom Cabinets Direct To You

Amish Cabinets Direct is locally owned in Batavia, Illinois. All cabinets are manufactured and shipped direct from Amish cabinet makers in Illinois Amish country. We only do custom kitchen cabinets and we do them impeccably. Our word is our bond and we have a team of skilled craftsmen and designers who stand behind their factory-direct chemical-free stunning Amish cabinets. 

At Amish Cabinets Direct, we pride ourselves on our legendary craftsmanship and our tremendous percentage of repeat customers and their referrals over the years. With the efficiency and experience of our Amish craftsmen, we are able to keep our prices very competitive for custom cabinetry using only the finest materials and the finest finishes. If you're looking for a gourmet custom kitchen, look no further. 

Amish Cabinets Direct has built its reputation on attention to detail and exceptional customer service. If you would like to create a showpiece custom kitchen that provides superior performance with exquisite detailing, we invite you to contact us. We will honor your interest with courteous service and our commitment to answer all of your questions. At the end of the day, it's all about pleasing our customers and that's what we aim to do. Get a quote on your Amish cabinetry today!

Non Toxic Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets can be a major source of VOC (volatile organic compounds), as most of them are made from engineered wood products like plywood, particleboard, and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Each of these materials is made using resins called urea formaldehyde, which is classified as a carcinogen. And the resins in engineered wood products can continue to release VOCs into your home for months or even years after manufacturing in a process called “off-gassing.” Not only is it a carcinogen, it can cause all sorts of allergen issues.


Our Amish cabinets are formaldehyde free and toxic chemical free! This beautiful kitchen cabinetry is hand constructed using sustainable harvest wood, formaldehyde-free plywood, and non-toxic, chemical-free adhesives and finishes. Your kitchen is where your family congregates and eats. We are proud to give our customers the assurance they're looking for that our custom Amish kitchen cabinets meet the best safety standards in the industry. Guaranteed. 


Yoders Amish

Crisp, clean, contemporary and extremely functional. If that's your dream kitchen, we will make it happen. Our Designer works exclusively with Amish cabinet makers. No one else. Our cabinets are hand made factory direct in the heart of Amish country. We want the privilege of providing cabinets for your kitchen remodel.

Contemporary Kitchen, Yoders Amish, Batavia, IL

Maybe more traditional is your thing? Our Designer can create everything from a showpiece island to a barnwood hood. If this is how you picture your kitchen remodel, watch your rustic, old-world vision will come to life!

Kitchen Design, Yoders Amish, Batavia, IL

Our expert designer is local and has over 20 years experience designing custom kitchens. He will listen to and respect your needs and tastes. Together you will create a truly exquisite chef's custom kitchen cabinet remodeling experience.

Modern Kitchen
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