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How It Works

When you order Amish cabinets from us, rest assured we've got it covered. This is a brief outline of how we get your custom-made kitchen cabinets to you... 

Client Meet

Our designer meets with you to get a full scope of the project. We either take measurements or get a copy of your own drawings to proceed to the quote. Door styles, wood choices, features, options & colors are all detailed. 


Design & Quote

We work with our Amish partners to come up with a detailed design and quote along with timeframe to complete. The quote/design is emailed to you.


Revisions & Deposit

We discuss the quote and make any necessary revisions. When all questions are answered and any changes are agreed upon, we move forward with a deposit for the custom Amish cabinets and establish an estimated date of delivery. 


Cabinets are Custom Crafted

Your cabinets will then begin fabrication. The timeframe can be anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks depending on how busy our Amish manufacturers are at the time. You will know a 1-week delivery window at this time. 


When it’s time to deliver your cabinets, we are meticulous at packing and delivering them in perfect condition. Using padded cloth blankets to wrap your cabinets allows for more cushioned protection than plastic wrap or styrofoam. Plus, using blankets is greener for the planet and helps keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you. 

Extended Customer Service

Our designer is available to advise during installation and to help your contractor with any questions or concerns. Your cabinets are guaranteed by our Amish partners. Our word is our bond. 


Let's Work Together

"We have been privileged and honored to create dream custom kitchens for many families throughout the years. We cherish these relationships and sincerely look forward to the new relationships to come."

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